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Relaxing outdoor space nourishes your team and strengthens the sense of community in the workplace.

A 2,150 sq ft communal courtyard with considered landscaping and greenery offers a place to think, breathe and soak up the sunshine.

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Nearly all workers in the UK rank access to natural light as a high priority.

Morgan Lovell,
Making the Business Case for Wellbeing

The sixth and seventh floors benefit from private terraces, with views across St Paul’s Cathedral and the City.

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Bringing the outdoors in

Amazon’s ambitious new Seattle headquarters is being built with the knowledge that access to outdoor space improves employee wellbeing. The complex will feature three glass spheres housing plants, trees, streams and treehouses.

It’s an impressive complex that shares the same vision as Forum, St. Paul's: to provide employees with an essential oasis for the mind.


of UK office workers view access to outdoor spaces as a key factor to their wellbeing.

Morgan Lovell,
Making the Business Case for Wellbeing

VMWare’s corporate campus in Palo Alto

Naturally healthy

Just like Forum, St. Paul's, VMWare’s corporate campus in Palo Alto is designed to enhance its employees’ connection to the outdoors.

Where Forum, St. Paul's cleverly brings the outdoors to the City, VMWare takes office life to the countryside. Its offices are set amidst 29 acres of landscaped grounds and mature trees.

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