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Welcome to the workspace, redefined. Open, flexible working areas and inspiring common spaces encourage creative thinking and integration.

Ground-floor spaces foster collaboration and offer alternative areas to meet, work and connect.

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Creating room for chance encounters and unplanned interactions between workers improves performance.

Harvard Business Review,
Workspaces That Move People


Performance and productivity

Much like Forum, St. Paul's, Dropbox’s vision for its new workspace was to provide working environments that are flexible enough to support growth, and inviting enough to support increased productivity.

The file-sharing giant’s new headquarters in San Francisco retains the ‘charged and collaborative’ feel of earlier spaces, whilst allowing the company to evolve. Themed meeting pods, palm-tree-lined relaxation areas, lounges, music rooms and exhibition spaces provide ample opportunity for staff to work together.

Agile working practices are becoming the norm. Offices must enable increasingly complex relationships to flourish, with work being redefined as an activity rather than a place.

City of London Corporation,
Future Workstyles and Future Workplaces in the City of London

Outdoor spaces encourage spontaneous interactions.

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Flexible workspaces

The ability for workers to choose how and where they work was a key consideration in the design of Forum, St. Paul's' flexible workspaces.

It’s a philosophy shared by Airbnb, whose corporate offices feature multiple unique collaboration spaces. The look and feel of these spaces is often based on interpretations of Airbnb’s global listings. Collaboration and relaxation environments include a circular boardroom, a library, and a dining area with views over the San Francisco cityscape.

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