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Your business should keep moving, not your talent. Future-proof your organisation by attracting and retaining good people – it’s easy with Forum, St. Paul's' innovative environment and energising location.

In the war for talent, a future-friendly environment helps you attract and retain better employees.

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The workplace is a powerful conveyor of messages to staff about the values and culture.

City of London Corporation,
Future Workstyles and Future Workplaces in the City of London

Create inspiring work spaces

At Forum, St. Paul's, a striking reception area is the first of many signals that this is an environment for organisations that place a high value on talent.

Hootsuite’s offices in Vancouver are similarly forward-thinking. Enchanting their employees, with indoor cabins, sunken lounges, organic juices, a choice of seated or standing desks, and a library for quiet time.

Corporate concern for the happiness and health of employees is adding a new level of consideration into the layout of the modern-day office.

The Architects’ Journal: Workplaces and the war for talent

Office floors deliver flexible, light-filled floor plates.

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Hardwired for health

Flooded with natural light, and with high ceilings creating a sense of space, Forum, St. Paul's is hardwired for health.

The building shares this vision for enhanced wellbeing with Medibank’s Melbourne offices. Their Wi-Fi-enabled balconies encourage outdoor working. An edible garden and demonstration kitchen is used to promote good nutrition. Plants throughout the building help improve air quality and reduce stress. Like Forum, St. Paul's, the Medibank design was careful to incorporate outdoor spaces, including an amphitheatre, cafés, shops and a park.

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