Welcome to the new work order.

Introducing Forum, St Paul's.
A place to collaborate, create and connect.

The way we work is changing. Boundaries are blurring. In the new business environment, only the agile and the dynamic will thrive.

Let’s lock in your potential.

Attract and retain top talent in a future-friendly environment.

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33 Gutter Lane - Building

60,000 sq ft of innovative and flexible new workspace

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Let’s redefine your boundaries.

A collaborative workspace model that encourages the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

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33 Gutter Lane - Shared collaborative space

Shared collaborative space for the new state of mind.

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Let’s take this outside.

Outdoor space provides an oasis for the mind, while excellent light and fresh air bring all the benefits of outside, inside.

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33 Gutter Lane - Courtyard

Step outside and discover a new way of working.

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Let’s go places.

A fast-growing food and beverage scene – and upcoming Crossrail connections – make this location more exciting than ever before.

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33 Gutter Lane - Private terraces, with views across St Paul’s Cathedral and the City.

St. Paul's is fast becoming the City's social centre.

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